S/Y Vanilla

About the skipper

For me, as captain of the S/Y Vanilla, it is important that you feel safe and comfortable aboard the S/Y Vanilla.
My name is Per Lindwall, and I am the owner of the charter company and the yacht, S/Y Vanilla. I have been sailing for many years on various vessels, and have a passion for sailing. My life journey has been extensive, and has enabled me to sail thousands of miles. My toughest experience was as a watchmaker aboard a world class racing boat.
Cooking is another passion of mine, and I enjoy creating dishes from local produce. As the sun sets, there is nothing I enjoy more than preparing dinner while guests sit chatting about the day’s sailing experience.
I am a civil engineer, specialising in electrical engineering, and have a Yacht Master certificate for commercial purposes.

The S/Y Vanilla

is a well-built, modern yacht weighing about 20 tonnes. She is 5 metres wide and nearly 16 metres long. Click here for more detailed specifications on the S/Y Vanilla.
We have invested heavily in additional safety equipment, including two independent classifications. Vanilla is MCA-approved as a commercial vessel.

We have all the newest safety equipment needed, and this is regularly inspected. The yacht has life jackets and safety harnesses on board for each of our passengers.
The boat is equipped with the newest radar system, and four independent navigation systems: VHF, AIS, EPIRB and SART.

Fire extinguishers, a comprehensive first aid kit, emergency flares, grab bag, a life raft, and MOB devices all complete our list of safety equipment.
We always have an outboard engine ready for emergency situations.

S/Y Vanilla interior

Safety on board

Safety on board is a top priority for the Vanilla, and the most important factor for ensuring a pleasant stay. We have all the latest safety equipment, and our routines have been developed to keep you safe on board.
Even when the weather is good, there will be times when Mother Nature has other plans. Safety is a top priority, and this will never be compromised aboard the Vanilla.
Every effort will be made to predict bad weather, with the use of our tracking systems on board.

All new passengers will be provided with thorough information on safety. We will show you where the necessary equipment is stored and what to do in an emergency. Safety involves thinking ahead, to prevent any problems from arising. The region we sail through has an average of 300 sunny days per year, however, there is always a small chance of wind and rain. In such cases, we provide high-quality rain gear to all our passengers. As the skipper of the yacht, I can promise that all decisions regarding the safety of the boat and its passengers will be given priority over all other plans.

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