Splendid sailing along the Amalfi Coast

Those who already belong to the delightful group of people who call themselves sailors are sure to love a trip with the Vanilla.

This is the perfect holiday for couples with different sailing backgrounds, where one is experienced and the other is, for various reasons, more hesitant and uncertain. The Vanilla will help you get more out of your holiday, and hopefully help the more uncertain party to feel more secure about sailing.

Härlig segling

For those wondering whether to purchase a sailboat, this could be a practise trip, to see how it feels to be on a boat together, what to consider, and what is necessary or unnecessary to have on board.

Vanilla is a swift and excellent sailing yacht.

Here, size does matter.
Even in strong winds, the yacht’s size will ensure that passengers are safe, dry and comfortable in the cockpit. We have a large mainsail with full battens that can be reefed three times if necessary, as well as a roller furling genoa and a gennaker. We also have a storm jib.

Sailing without wind

S/Y Vanilla interior

If there is little or no wind, we have a large, powerful engine to keep us moving.
Since the yacht is nearly 5 metres wide, it is essential to have two steering wheels in order to sit comfortably, keep an eye on the sails and trim the sails.
Passengers with sailing experience are naturally welcome to help sail the yacht, for instance by navigating and trimming the sails

For those with an interest in navigation, our broad range of equipment on board includes all the latest models. We have an AID radar system, different chartplotters, weather routing software, and an additional navigation program, NAVTEX. If you are interested, we can teach you these systems.

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