Sailing is a pleasure – sailing Italy is paradise

We are convinced you will have a wonderful time.
For your own safety, and that of your fellow passengers, it is essential that:

  • you do not suffer from any conditions that would require emergency transport to hospital.
  • you must be able to climb up and down a steep ladder without assistance.
  • you can be expected to assist upon departure from, and docking at a harbour (see below).
  • you have not recently undergone surgery or have any broken bones.
  • you can swim at least 200 metres without a floating device.

A sailing holiday will bring you to bays and inlets where you can be almost entirely undisturbed.

Härlig segling

When it’s time for a coffee break, we will turn on the coffee machine, or provide an ice cold refreshment. Perhaps a brief siesta is in order? Take a break under the sun awning, or rest in the hammock, all within a few metres. Nothing is further away than 18 metres, unless you feel the need to climb to the top of the mast.
When it is time to rest for the night, we usually head into a harbour, but sometimes anchor up in a quiet inlet.

You are more than welcome to help.
When manoeuvring in and out of harbours, everyone is welcome to assist. But rest assured, no one will be yelling or bellowing out orders. We may need some assistance when putting out boat fenders (a cushion to prevent harm to the boat from impact), or toss out a mooring line (a rope to secure the boat to the pier).

You choose – sail or simply relax

Härlig segling i Italien

As you probably know, every item on a boat has its own name – entirely incomprehensible if you don’t know what it means. If you like, we can teach you some of the names of things on board. The same applies when sailing. If you are interested in learning, there will be plenty of opportunities. If you prefer to simply watch, that’s fine too.
Whether or not you have previous boating experience, we think you will love our kind of holiday.

Seasickness involves many different factors. Most people have no problems in a large boat, but we do have motion sickness pills as a preventive measure for those who want to be certain. Conditions such as the right mood and environment can make all the difference, so you are unlikely to feel any seasickness. We hope you now have enough information to make the decision: “Would be fun to try”.

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