Ventotene – an island with a rich history

The island where Emperor Augustus banished his daughter Julia, when he thought she had become too friendly with the men on the mainland. Incidentally, this same island became a military base during WWII for a 115-man German garrison deployed to defend a radar station. These were cunningly outmanoeuvred by a small group of American paratroopers, without a single shot fired.

East of Ventotene is the island of Santo Stefano. Santo Stefano has another large building, a prison, in use from 1795 to 1965.

A brief description

The primary livelihood of the people on Ventotene was the running of the prison. No one managed to escape alive from the prison during its years of operation. It has since been abandoned, but guided tours are now offered.

The idyllic island of Ventotene has been populated since ancient times. Some of its charming little shops and delightful restaurants are situated in caverns blasted into the rock walls. Ventotene is an ancient harbour with a very unique shape and a 90-degree entry for vessels. It almost seems as though the harbour was carved out of the rock. From here, you can book passage with diving excursions. Equipment can be rented from several diving centres.

Capri cave

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Comments by former guests

Summer sailing with a group of six friends from Sweden, July 2019

What a week we experienced! Sailing the salt sea outside Napoli visiting beautiful Islands such as Procida, Ischa, Ventotene and Capri was absolutely amazing. There is no better way to explore these surroundings than from the deck of Vanilla. During our six day stay, we got the chance to learn and develop our sailing skills, visit cute italian harbours, swim in the salt open water and eat wonderful meals served by our fantastic skipper, chef and host Per. He is truly amazing and made our stay unforgettable.

We had a wonderful week in the waters outside Naples

With skipper Per and his sailing boat Vanilla. The days were spent mostly out at sea with a cooling breeze that sailed us closer to the next cozy Italian village. When the heat peaked during midday we stopped to jump into the sea. In the afternoons we moored in small ports where the Italian island life was explored. We ate and spent a lot of time on the spacious Vanilla. Our skipper Per cooked delicious food and also learned our quite inexperienced group about the beauty of sailing. Per is so experienced and caring making us all feel super safe during the whole week. A trip with him gave us the best possible vacation week!!

Summer sailing with a group from Switerland, September 2017

One week on Vanilla, September 2017
If you like to experience sailing – as a sailor or not- in the waters of Naples and visit beautiful islands like Capri, Ischia, Ventotene and more, you just have to sign up with Per, the skipper and owner of the 54feet sailing boat S/Y “Vanilla” at Per is a Swedish “sea bear” with many years of experience in almost all waters of the world including big tough regattas around Australia and New Zeeland. Per, valuing security and safety highly, knows exactly what he is doing and there was not a second where we felt insecure even while sailing in up to three meters big waves. Per also showed his excellent teaching skills while training those who wanted know how to sail. Being an excellent cook in addition, Per spoiled us daily with breakfast, lunch and dinner, including drinks and cocktails before dinner, coffee and all we could think of. He asked us if we had any wishes concerning diet and succeeded in composing the most fresh, delicious, healthy and innovative food fitting our needs totally. There was no reason ever going to a restaurant at night- except for getting a real Italian Gelato- we were perfectly happy dining on board. We were always treated in a very friendly and personal way. There were enough of clean towels, sheets and basic toiletries available. The ship is was beautiful and in pristine condition. I can absolutely recommend this trip that gave us a truly relaxing and beautiful experience.

Exploring the stunning Mediterranean islands outside Naples (Tyrrhenian sea) onboard Vanilla was an unbelievable experience in all aspects. The boat is both spacious and well equipped, making the journey between the picturesque islands a pure pleasure.
We spent most of our days out at sea, stopping during the peak hours to cool down with a swim in the open water. We had both time to relax with a book in our hands as well as developing our sailing skills. After spending the days at sea, we moored in small ports as the afternoon turned to evening.
The skipper Per has more than one string to his bow, he is both an excellent teacher and can learn even the most inexperienced sailor the basics within a few days. He is also a master chef, preparing delicious meals all around the day with local and fresh ingredients. In addition, Per is incredibly service minded and respective to the wishes of the group.

Per is unbelievably warm-hearted and his constant effort to make our trip as authentic as possible truly made our stay unforgettable!

Great fun – Summer sailing with a group of seven friends 

“Sailing for a week with Vanilla and Per was fantastic. The hospitality and the friendliness on the boat was amazing, and the host Per had everything under control during all time. The food we were provided was made with love, together with Italian ingredients that made every meal to an experience in itself.

The boat was big, spacious and well organized. We were a group of seven and we could easily fit. The area outside of Naples, Procida, Ischia and Capri, was beautiful and I would recommend everyone who wants to go sailing on the Mediterranean Sea to go here with Per and his boat. It was the highlight of the summer!”

50- years birthday celebration with family, September 2016

I want to use the opportunity to thank you so much for these beautiful days, not only the weather (I am sure you have a secret connection some how) but you in person were simply great! You were the perfect host with a 5 star cuisine on a 2 sam kitchen size (I am still impressed).The dishes were not only delicious and really diverse but also proved that I may experiment a bit more and surprise my family. This birthday will for sure stick to my memory for ever! Thank you so much, you made it unforgettable!

Hoping to see you  soon again!

September 2015

Our week at sea has been amazing in many ways! Our skipper almost suceeded to create a crew with us:-)
His patience and the time he always took to explain the how and the why made us be part of the whole experience.
The greatest and very unexpected surprise was the food!!! Absolutely delicious!
We even awarded Per with a Michelin star; nothing less!!!

 We would recommend this trip for anyone loving to sail. The views of the islands from the water were breathtaking.
Thanks Per for this fabulous week!


  Your Canadian crew: Chantal, Jacques, Caroline, Louise, Herbert, Martin, Nathalie”

Från familje & födelsdags- seglingen Juli 2014:
Hej Per,
Tack för en fantastisk vecka och en oförglömlig födelsedag. Tänk att du lyckades hitta jordgubbar! Kombinationen av skeppare, kock och allmän fixare i samma person är verkligen unik. Jag har adrig blivit så ompysslad och bidragit så lite på en segelbåt. Det kändes verkligen lyxigt. Din stora kunskap om segling och matagning, kombinerat med ditt intresse för andra människor,  gjorde hela vistelsen på Vanilla speciell. Till det kommer den fantastiska omgivningen, där vår familj särskilt fastnade för Ventotene. Tack för att du tog oss dit, den ön kommer vi aldrig att glömma. Barnen kommer heller aldrig att glömma ”skrytledet” med super yachterna i Capris hamn.  Du hade också vädergudarna på din sida och den sista dagens segling var helt underbar, även om jag har en känsla av att barnen mer kommer att minnas när vi badade från båten. Och du Per, jag är säker på att du en dag kommer att tacka mig för att det numera finns en hårfön i båten…


Lena med familj

Från Kompisseglingen i september 2013:

Hej Per!

Det var 1:a gången jag var på en segling.Det kändes mycket tryggt att segla med dig. Du hade full kontroll över båten samtidigt som du hade tid att vara social och vänlig, med ditt mjuka och åtkomliga sätt. Du var så mån om oss alla och maten var mycket god och nyttig.  Stor Tack för en fantastiskt vecka.


Hej Per,

Mat och segling i all ära, men det är din personlighet som gör att det blir en outstanding upplevelse. Jag imponerades över hur du lyckades balansera att vara skipper och kock med att också vara en i gänget. Det är inte en enkel uppgift och jag tycker du skötte det otroligt fint.
Seglingen var bra och du lyckades anpassa den fint efter allas olika erfarenhet. Allt känns väldigt solitt på båten och jag skulle inte vara rädd att segla den i riktigt hårt väder.
Din matlagning var verkligen excellent! Du lyckades med enkla medel överträffa dig själv varje dag. Det var precis som du lovade ordentligt med fräsch mat på lokala råvaror som höll energin uppe utan att det blev tungt.
Slutet september var ett riktigt bra val av tidpunkt. Hamnarna var trevliga och minnesvärda. Tror det är bra att på åtminstone ett ställe ha två nätter så man hinner uppleva omgivningen lite mer. Jag uppskattade dagen i hamn i Procida mycket. Det var skönt att få promenera och flanera runt på ön och i byn.
Vanilla är en fin båt och passar väldigt bra till charter. Jag var positivt överraskad över hur väl allt var ordnat och att tom 9 personer gick att få in. Fast 8 är nog mer optimalt så man slipper sova i salongen. Har aldrig varit i en ”Deck Salon” tidigare men måste säga att konceptet överraskade positivt – det blir ju mycket ljust och fint i salongen på så sätt, och väldigt mycket yta där.
Jag kommer minnas den här veckan länge. Hade gärna gjort om det, och drömmer om att kunna ta med familjen någon gång.

Hej Seglarbroder,
Tack för härliga dagar på den fina båten. Jag uppskattade verkligen allt, öarna, baden, maten och umgänget med Er. Per servade oss mer än utmärkt med både mat och vin. Besök på öar, Neapel och Capri gjorde seglatsen än mer som ett njutbart minne. Resan får högsta betyg.
Micke S.

Från Kompisseglingen i oktober 2013:

“We are six sailing experienced Swedish gentlemen in our best years that in over 10 years have sailed together in different waters and with different types of yachts.
They’re usually 50 ft + why we of liability reasons, prefer to rent our boat with an experienced skipper.
This year was the second in the Mediterranean waters and I must say it turned out be one of the best. Why one might ask.
Well, first of all the ambience, the waters in and around Naples with islands like Capri, Procida, Ischia, Ventotene, etc together with the Amalfi coast is spectacular in beauty, culture and history.
Secondly, S/Y Vanilla is a 54 ft yacht built by Jeaneau that offers plenty of room for six crew and a captain. The yacht is in a very good condition, comfortable and immaculately clean.
The Captain Per is a skilled professional yachtsman. Safety conscious, good in planning routes in relation to wind/weather conditions and in accommodating his guests.
That leads me on to talk about the catering on board. The very same person turns out to be an excellent Chef as well.
We’ve been well dined and wined during our 5 days, including hearty breakfasts, lovely lunches served on deck and excellent evening meals all made up by fresh local produce.
Should one require a snack in-between the meals that would not be a problem.
In summary, we had a fantastic stay on S/Y Vanilla together with its Skipper Per that looked after us well yet maintaining his integrity.
Thank so much Per from all of us. Hope to see you and your yacht soon again.

Jan Kallenius

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